How to Stop Someone from Snoring

Snoring is not a victimless crime. Ask anyone who has had to sleep (or at least try to sleep) next to someone who snores. Trying to stop someone from snoring can be a touchy subject. The topic has been known to cause many fights between tired wives and their snoring husbands. So if you want to know how to stop someone from snoring continue reading:

This first tip depends on if the person knows they are a serial snorer. It also depends on what kind of reaction you think you will get. But regardless of how you think they might react – it’s best to be upfront with them and tell them all of the snoring is causing a problem.

To avoid coming off as confrontational and upset, frame your communication in a way that shows genuine concern for that person in combination with the way their snoring affects you. If they receive it well you can help them brainstorm about how to solve the problem. It’s best to start out with small tips such as:

Changing Sleep Position

Snoring is worse when you are lying on your back. Get your partner to lay on his or her side or stomach.

Use Breathing Strips

Breathing strips open up the nasal passages, which can mitigate the snoring. Just be sure to tell them they still look beautiful…or handsome even with the strip across their nose.

Avoid Alcohol/Stay Hydrated

Avoiding alcohol and drinking eight glasses of water can improve snoring significantly.

Lose weight/Improve Diet

Not all heavy set people snore, but many people who gain weight later in life end up suffering from snoring. Chances are if you started snoring after you gained weight – you’ll benefit from dropping a few pounds and improving your diet.

Sleep Study

Sleep studies can show the ill-effects of snoring, and also get to the root of why the problem exists. It can also be an educational moment for a stubborn partner that thinks your claims of snoring are untrue or greatly exaggerated. Many problem snorers also suffer from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a serious medical condition when left untreated that can cause high blood pressure, heart attack and even death.

Sometimes it’s not the message, but the messenger. If they are having a hard time hearing from you, maybe the words of an expert will help. Snoring and all of the associated risks that come along with it are no laughing matter. Your partner needs to understand the potential consequences. Sometimes it takes hearing from a medical professional for the message to sink in.

Anti-Snoring Aids

Dental mouth guards, also known as anti-snoring mouthpieces, can help realign the jaw in a way that improves airflow and cuts down on snoring. They are a relatively low cost and safe investment compared to expensive and risky surgery.

The best thing to do is be supportive and calm. You don’t want to come across frustrated and angry even though you probably haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep in months. Explain all of the health benefits of getting a good night’s sleep including the feeling of actually waking up feeling refreshed.


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