SnoreRx Review

I’m always on the lookout to try new and exciting products which might reduce my snoring or completely eliminate it altogether.

I recently came across SnoreRx, which caught my eye because of all the 4 and 5-star reviews it has online. What makes SnoreRx so good and how does it stack up in real life?

SnoreRx is available direct from the manufacturer, which is currently offering the product at a nice discount. I was able to get a discount with a coupon code, so make sure you spend a little time browsing the site to locate any applicable coupon codes that might save you a few dollars. Unfortunately, it is not sold directly on Amazon, but the discount more than makes up for the inconvenience.

I have tried many snoring devices in the past and have had very little success in terms of reducing my snoring. So far, I’ve tied the Zyppah and the VitalSleep, but I found they were both uncomfortable. Most sleep devices state it takes a day or so to adjust to the sensation of using the product, but I just haven’t been able to get over that hump. I gave up using VitalSleep after only a few nights of trying the device simply because I couldn’t relax enough to fall asleep while using it.

This inability to fall asleep seems to be a common problem with Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD). However, this made me even more determined to try to adjust to the sensation of falling asleep with the SnoreRx.

The Prep

I got to work preparing my SnoreRx for use as soon as it arrived. That means starting off with the boil-and-bite process, to ensure the product snugly fits your mouth. This is relatively straightforward – all you need to do is place the device in boiling water for a little bit, take it out of the water, let it cool until it is a safe temperature to put in your mouth, and then bite down. To finish off on the process and to ensure it stays fixed in your unique mouth’s position, simply place it in ice water to cool off the SnoreRx entirely.

Trial Period

I decided to wear the SnoreRx for a maximum of 30 minutes at a time to allow myself to adjust to the sensation, so I started using the SnoreRx during the day. On the first day, I did this a few times. I observed the SnoreRx was noticeable in my mouth, and it felt quite invasive, which wasn’t ideal, but I persevered.

I work from home which means I have the freedom to use the SnoreRx while sitting at my computer doing work. It’s a good thing that I didn’t have any phone calls during this testing time because you can’t talk when you’re using this product. When it comes to appearance, I definitely look funny. Overall, it feels intense to wear at first, but this gradually wears off.

The First Night

On the first night, I managed to wear the device for around an hour. At that point, I woke up and decided to take it out and try it again tomorrow. However, I checked the SnoreLab app, and it was clear that I didn’t snore at all during my first hour of sleep. But then again, I don’t think I typically snore at that stage in my sleeping process, so I’m not sure if the device can be credited for that.

I decided my goal would be to try and sleep throughout the night with the SnoreRx in place. On the first night, I was only able to manage an hour’s sleep with the device in place.

The Second Night

On the second night, I slept peacefully for around four hours before I found it unbearable. But to be honest, I don’t remember when I took it out – just that I woke up and it was out, meaning I removed it in my slumber.

The Third Night

On the third night, I slept a little less, which was surprising. I only managed around 2.5-3 hours’ sleep before I woke up and removed the device. I had initially planned on putting it back in and trying it again, but I must have been tired because I, unfortunately, fell asleep.

The Fourth Night

On the fourth night, I managed to make it through the night without removing the SnoreRx. While this was great, I noticed immediately upon waking up that I had a very dry mouth which could potentially be bad for both oral health (dry mouth is known to contribute to cavities) and bad breath.

Subsequent Nights

I’ve managed to sleep all the way through since the fourth night, which is great! I’ve come up with a solution to dry mouth, with is to have a glass of water nearby to keep my mouth hydrated. I’ve discovered I need to keep the device clean, so I make sure to wash it on a regular schedule to make sure it isn’t a breeding ground for germs. My wife is pleased with this advancement because her quality of sleep has improved as well.

The Graph Completes the Story

The SnoreLab graph provided an amazing depth of insight into how the product was working for me. It seems amazing these MADs function as they do, with proven benefits for people just like me who suffer from snoring and its related side-effects. But when I talk to people about them in passing conversation, it surprises me that many people haven’t heard of them even people who suffer from snoring haven’t heard of them. Perhaps Mandibular Advancement Devices are simply a newer product that is just beginning to catch on?


Although it took a little getting used to, I think part of the reason the SnoreRx is so much more comfortable than Zippah and Vitalsleep is the sizing aspect of the product. The SnoreRx is the exact fit for my jawline, which provides an added degree of comfort in my case. SnoreRx also provides calibration.

In my case, I can move my jaw back and forth by just a millimeter. If I move it any more than this, it results in a jaw ache, which won’t assist in getting a good night’s sleep. I put my SnoreRx on the first setting, and it is just right. While the SnoreRx can move 6mm, I can’t see how anyone would need that degree of movement, regardless of the fact that position is credited for reducing snoring the most. If I wore it on level 6, I wouldn’t last 5 minutes!

This lack of personalized adjustment is the reason I get a sore jaw with Zyppah, because that product isn’t adjustable at all, which is frustrating because every customer has a different set of needs. SnoreRx seems to have solved this problem, and as a result seems to be the superior product choice to suit a wide range of users. I’m sure there are people the Zyppah would fit perfectly, but unfortunately, that is not the case for me.

Overall, the SnoreRx in action stacks up against its highly-rated reviews and will be a product I continue to use to combat snoring.


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