Save Your Marriage With a Stop-Snoring Mouthpiece

While it’s true that chronic snorers can suffer from a range of resulting health implications, it’s safe to say that their partners are almost always suffering worse.  At least, this is the case where sleep deprivation is concerned. Partners of chronic snorers often suffer from the ill effects of long-term sleep deprivation, including irritability, anxiety and depression. More significantly, though, they are often left feeling helpless against the effects that the snoring problem is having on their marriage.

Here are a few of the long-term effects that are seen after years of a couple choosing to endure a chronic snoring condition:

  • The spouses sleep in separate rooms.  This, unfortunately, comes along with its own set of consequences, not the least of which are feelings of solitude and alienation.
  • One or both partners become generally bitter and hostile, which is noticeable in their daytime demeanor.  Whether or not they realize that this bitterness comes from a lack of sleep is an entirely different issue.
  • The snoring spouse may feel resentful about the non-snoring partner’s complaints, generally negative attitude, or requests to seek medical help.  He or she may also be unable to understand why the non-snoring partner has chosen to sleep separately, which would further fuel the aforementioned feelings of resentment.
  • Both parties show poor performance in their daytime activities.  This may affect your ability to receive promotions or pay increases based on merit, or (in the most extreme cases of sleep deprivation) it may even cause one or both spouses to lose employment.  The resulting financial strain has been proven to have a negative impact on marriages.

Really, I could go on for quite a while about the ways that snoring can negatively impact your relationship with your partner, but you get the idea: your marriage will surely suffer as a result of chronic snoring.

If your marriage is suffering as a result of chronic snoring, you should avoid giving in to the feelings of helplessness that have developed over the years.  The first logical step in dealing with the problem is to sit down with your spouse and discuss it in a calm and productive manner.

As you discuss the issue with your partner, it’s important to focus on potential solutions, as well as the fact that snoring is the result of a physical condition which will require some form of therapy or treatment. There are a variety of treatment options available for chronic snorers today, and some of the most effective therapies do not even require the supervision of a healthcare professional.

Because there are so many options to choose from, it’s hard to know where you should begin.  If you need a bit of guidance about what type of treatment you should try first, my advice is to first try a mandibular advancement device or tongue retaining device like Good Morning Snore Solution (my favorite).  These are two different types of Anti-snoring mouthpieces, and they have a very high success rate, when compared to some of the other forms of therapy.  They are also relatively affordable.

I can’t promise that an anti-snoring mouthpiece will save your marriage, but I can tell you that there is a very good chance that it will alleviate your chronic snoring problem.  Hopefully, the improvement in the quality of your relationship with your spouse will soon follow.

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