10 Ways to get a Better Night’s Sleep

We’ve all had those nights when we just don’t sleep well. The next day can be a little painful to get through, but usually we’ll sleep well the next night. However, sometimes the next night will be the same, and if it happens again – it’s time to take a good look at why this is happening.

Here are 10 ways to get a better night’s sleep, starting tonight!

1. Keep a consistent sleep routine. It’s possible to train your body to go to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time each day. You won’t need an alarm clock as you’ll wake at the same time. Sleeping outside of these hours can mess up your sleep schedule and cause problems.

2. 20 minutes of exercise each day. ‘Exercise’ means moving so that your heart rate is elevated. Just taking a gentle stroll up the road won’t cut it. You should have finished exercising two hours before bedtime too, or you’ll be too stimulated to rest as you should.

3. Keep your bedroom for sleep. Take out any gadgets or networked devices including the television. You shouldn’t be involved in electronic items when it’s time for rest.

4. Stay away from caffeine. Soft drinks, tea, coffee all contain caffeine. Sometimes you can unexpectedly find it in some over the counter medicines – check them before taking them.

5. Take a relaxing bath. The bathtub can do a lot for relaxation. It will slow you down and give you some ‘me’ time.

6. Get your dog his own bed. Having a dog or cat in the bed can disrupt your night-time zzz’s.

7. Do something relaxing. Laying down to read a book helps many people relax for good sleep.

8. Allow your mind to travel. Take your mind to a place that makes you feel good and happy. It might be a woodland river, a sunny beach or on a sailboat. Close your eyes.

9. Make a list. If you’ve got tasks for the next day and shopping items floating around in your mind, then write them down. I keep a pen and paper next to the bed so that I can dispose of any ‘to do’ thoughts that come up.

10. Stay away from alcohol. Taking a nightcap won’t help you sleep. In fact, it’s been found that alcohol can disrupt the sleep cycle, so you’d be better off without it.

These tips should help you to avoid counting sheep on your way to dreamland.


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