Why do people snore?

Waking up in the night to hear loud snoring coming from the person next to you isn’t ideal. Sometimes you try to go back to sleep, other times you push them to turn on the less noisy side.

Depending on how noisy they get, many snorers actually end up waking themselves up. The next morning they can feel tired from suffering a night of broken sleep.

So why exactly do people snore?

When people sleep they relax and it’s these relaxed muscles that cause an obstruction in the throat. The airflow has to pass these obstructions and will cause vibration as they pass the tongue, excess throat tissue or the uvula (hanging ball at the back of the mouth).

Those who are suffering from the common cold or allergies can also have trouble breathing without snoring whilst sleeping. Colds can lead the nostrils to become plugged up, so breathing through the mouth is the only option. Other people suffer from nasal deformities that affect how easy it is to breathe through the nose. If this is you or somebody you know, then it’s advisable to visit the doctor to discuss treatment options.

Relaxed muscles in the throat can be one of the biggest reasons that people snore. Consuming alcohol, sleeping tablets or relaxants can add to this. Even getting older can loosen the throat muscles and the skin so that it’s more likely to vibrate. It’s a fact that snoring increases in older people.
Snoring is commonplace in heavier people, so if you’ve recently put on a few pounds, then you may want to drop them again. Your doctor will be able to advise you about how to lose weight. Being larger means that there is more tissue in the throat, and again, it’s the vibration of this that creates the snoring sound.

At the back of the throat, the uvula can affect how easy it is to breathe. There’s also the soft palate. This is the skin that covers the top of your mouth, right at the back before the uvula. It doesn’t have a bone in it, but is an extension of your palate. This area can also harbour mucous that can be the result of consuming dairy products such as milk.

If you’re not sure which of these is at the root of your snoring, then you may need to speak to your doctor. He will be able to diagnose what the root of the issue is.

Whatever the case, you should take a look at our anti-snoring mouthpiece. Your bed partner will be very happy with you.


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